C03. FOUR J’s – Genero: the 21st Century 4GL.

Bryn Jenkins Chief Executive Officer /Four J's

There are still many, many Informix-4GL legacy applications in production, driving major corporation’s core business processes. Seemingly frozen in time, these applications have not progressed in over 20 years creating a significant risk to the business. CIOs and IT Managers alike are frustrated they cannot take advantage of their true value and search in vain for alternative solutions to modernize. Solutions that prove too onerous and risky, given the millions of lines of code and the nature of the home-grown business processes that constitute these valuable software assets. This session will explain how we can help you to transform your IT headache into your business advantage. You will learn how we have dramatically improved the 4GL language for today’s modern development paradigms, and how you can use Genero’s Low-Code Development Platform – 100% compatible with Informix-4GL – to leverage your existing domain skills and software assets to develop new applications in double-quick time. If it has proven its worth to many billion-dollar, publicly listed corporations, and governments around the world, why wouldn’t it do the same for you?