David Desautels

  • HCL

Dave has been a software developer on the IBM
IDS Server since 1996. Dave has forty years
experience in Computer Science and Software
Development. He started working on IDS in
DataBlade development for IDS 9.01. Since then
he has held many positions in IDS including Kernel
development. Dave also helped implement LBAC
for DB2. Dave is currently the technical lead for the IDS
Security team. Dave has a degree in Mathematics and Computer
Science from UCLA.


  • A08. Security Highlights; Best Practices using Keystores

    This session covers in depth the use of SSL/TLS certificates for encrypted communication with Informix. * What is a certificate. * Where do you get one. * How are they used – how does it work. * Creating/Maintaining keystores for Informix SSL/TLS communication. * Troubleshooting SSL/TLS communication problems. * Anything else you want me to […]