Eric Vercelletto

Querix’s Guest Speaker, Eric Vercelletto, is no stranger to this community. Eric is a many times IBM/Informix Champion, reflected in his nickname as, Mr. Benchmark. His involvement with Informix started in 1986 when he was employed by Informix Inc. to look after customers in France, Spain and Portugal. During his 11 years at Informix he co-authored the “4GL advanced programming” training manual. Eric is expert in many programming languages, including C, Perl, Python and most passionate about 4GL because of its simplicity.

Eric until fairly recently had been a very active IIUG board member. Eric together with Art Kagel are often the first people who selflessly respond to technical issues raised in Informix blogs. One of his biggest passions is  to expand, assist and enforce the Informix worldwide users community.  He has been a regular IIUG conference speaker, sharing his expertise in DBMS and programming. Between his time as a consultant through his company Begooden it , and helping flew consultants, Eric is leading an Open Source Analytical ERP project written in I4GL in the benefit of I4GL developers world wide. Lycia’s many extensions are inspired by Eric, brining most useful statements from other languages into Lycia well blended with the legacy language syntax. We are most grateful  for his accepting to be a guest speaker, with his own choice of subject.