Mike Walker

  • xDB Systems

Mike Walker is a long time Informix user, DBA, and IBM Champion and now runs the remote database support and monitoring for xDB Systems, Inc.  Over the years, he has seen many crazy systems and even crazier DBAs, and dealt with some oddball problems.  The knowledge gained from these real world situations and exposure to a wide range of different Informix implementations, has given him a good understanding of best practices, the importance of monitoring, and an unhealthy obsession of optimizing every SQL statement he sees.


  • B11. Happy Database=Happy Life – keep Informix up and running

    Are you fed up with “No more pages” errors, and “Logical Log Files are Full” messages?  Keep your system running smoothly by taking proactive action before problems occur! This presentation will cover some of the things to watch out for, and provide practical examples for monitoring the health of your database. Supporting databases for many […]

  • B09. Why use Automatic Space Management?

    Traditionally, one of the more mundane jobs of a DBA has been to add space when needed.  The introduction of automatic space management in Informix has made that task simpler, and at the same time given the DBA additional ways to perform that task. You can now stretch out cooked chunks, automatically or manually…no more […]