Jacques Roy

  • WW Technology Enablement - Data and AI
  • IBM

Jacques Roy has over 35 years of experience in the computer industry with a wide span of subjects going from hardware, operating systems, networking, databases and more. Jacques is the author of several books such as “Informix Dynamic Server 2000: Server-side programming in C” and “Streaming Analytics with IBM Streams”. He also has a YouTube channel called Byte Size Data Science that can be found at the following URL: www.youtube.com/c/ByteSizeDataScience. Jacques currently works in enablement in the IBM Technology sale group covering subjects related to data science and AI.


  • B05.TimeSeries and Covid

    We start by learning why we should care about time series and then learn their basic characteristics. We can then apply what we just learned and more to COVID-19 data, starting with where we can get the multiple datasets available. We can then use multiple methods to process and visualize the data and see the […]